Sunday, May 17, 2009

University of Oregon engages in discriminination on the basis of species


My name is Ekaterina Puffini. I am director of the Krill Institute of Technology, Islas Malvinas. I am an internationally know scholar with ONE electronic publication
My work has been extensively cited - well, actually there is 1 citation
I have been nominated to be an editor of the Antartic Journal of Mathematics
I have been actively engaged in the product of digitalizing the Uinversity of Oregon Assembly Records
I have worked on the University of Oregon Mathematics Web Page
I have written blogs on the UOMUTTERS blog site.

I have proved my worth as a member of the UO Community. Why therefore am I denied a courtesy or adjunct appointment? Could it be that the University of Oregon Administration engages in discrimination on the basis of species? There are no other Puffins who have appointments at the University of Oregon. Given that they pretend to be devoted to the concept of diversity, WHY has my application not been processed for over two years.

Ekaterina Puffini
Director, Krill Institute of Technology
Islas Malvinas